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Day 1 Mystic Hill 10km - new route the hardest 10km in Australia. The ascent and descents where killers on the toes. The pictures will tell the story. Lucky for me no blisters, feeling good going into day 2. Sharon wrote Mystic Hill; what was that all about? 4.5hr hike but wait was that a hike or a trek or an insane obstacle course? 

mystic hill2 mystic hill4
mystic hill5

mystic hill7

mystic hill3a

  mystic hill


Mt Feathertop Day 2 done, 20km hike to feathertop. A little wet but great hike






Mt Hotham Day 3- 15km  It's going to be another hard one, 15km up with sub minus temps, strings winds. One tip that I can pass on from any hiking event is girls wear sports briefs! Had to remove shoes, socks, pants to cross the river.

hotham river crossing

hotham river crossing2

hotham conquered

Day 4 Mt Buffalo with Linda Ainsworth

 buffalo collage

buffalo team2

buffalo team