Location: Kosciuszko NT park
Event Name:Cootapatamba Hut
Leader Iris Joss
Start Date: 20/07/2019 06:30
Finish Date:20/07/2019 19:00
Member Participants: 6
Guest Participants:
Distance/Time: 10.35km 5.30 hours
Rating:Grade 4 - Tracks may be long, rough and very steep
Points of Interest: The Hut, the blue ski, the winter wonderland
Mobile phone reception: yes
Event Report: https://www.sasc-aus.com/cross-country-bush-walking-news/2019/4/26/feb-to-mar-2019-cootapatamba-hut-rebuild
We started walking at 9.30 from eagal's nest. A bit windy but a brilliant blue ski as a reward. The plan was to meet Trevor and Sharon along the way on the steel platform. But where is the platform??? Occasionally it would appear from under the snow, so it was a bit difficult to navigate. Heaps of other like minded hikers on snow shoes left a lot of tracks.We sought the meeting will not happen.
Trevor and Sharon went up on friday and camped at seaman's hut. We did meet and hiked down to the hut for Lunch.The lovely smell of timber still lingers inside the tiny red hut and the window invites for a stunning view.Lunch soon was over and we trudged back up the hill. At the snow pole line it was goodbye to Trevor and Sharon who went back to there tent at seaman's hut.
We retraced our steps for a bit and ,but no detour this time, the straight back to the chair lift.
It may only be a short 10 km return walk but hard going. Probably the wind did not help. But is was well worth the effort. The blue ski, the winter wonderland,simply a cracker of a day.
Photos on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/murrayvalleybushwalkers/albums/72157709775997732