Location: Camp Creek and Lake Cobbler
Event Name:Mt Speculation - Cross Cut Saw - Lake Cobbler Reconnaissance
Leader Tony Marsh
Start Date: 11/03/2020 12:00
Finish Date:15/03/2020 16:00
Member Participants: 2
Guest Participants:
Distance/Time: 12km / 10 hours Crosscut saw and 9.5km / 4 hours Mt Cobbler
Rating:Grade 4 - Tracks may be long, rough and very steep
Points of Interest: The superb alpine wilderness environment including a lake, a number of peaks to climb and flora to enjoy
Mobile phone reception: Text msgs out from Camp Creek and good reception on Mt Speculation and the falls just 10 mins walk from Lake Cobbler
Event Report: I have been wanting to do this reconnaissance event for a long time - since the first time actually which was mid 1970's - yep Im that old! so when a suitable opportunity arose unexpectedly this event was hastily contrived and shortlisted on MVB website - apologies to those who may have been able to join us with more notice. The purpose was to document the road and walking track conditions to prepare for a club trip to Lake Cobbler in Spring 2020 when hopefully we are all fit and well having smashed this mongrel virus.
Rugged walking on the cross cut saw
We didnt get away until midday on the Wednesday and drove the Subaru Forester to Lake Cobbler via Yack, Beechworth, Everton, Milawa and Whitfield. There was some uncertaintly about the condition of the road from Bennies but it turned out to be in good condition albeit narrow and unmade.
Lake Cobbler to Bennies road
Arriving at the lake at 3-30 we decided to have a go at reaching Camp Creek below Mt Speculation about 13km away.

Lake Cobbler
Past the gate controlling access the road condition deteriorated substantially with lots of water filled ruts and diversion humps to negotiate.
gate near lake cobbler on track to camp creek

After 5km we met the Speculation road and turned left. From here on there was less mud and humps but way more rough rocky surface to negotiate. Taking it very steadily we arrived at Camp Creek about 4-30pm and setup for 2 nights.

Campsite at Camp Creek
We were up and away by 8-30am thursday and hoping to walk up Mt Speculation and then as far along the Cross Cut Saw - a spectacular undulating ridge leading to Mt Howitt - as we could before retracing out steps.
Fantastic walking track heading south from Mt Speculation
In some places a rope was provided to assist!
We put our life in the hands of the rope maker
The weather was perfect and the landscape and scenery astonishing. We made it to Mt Buggery for a half hour lunch break and continued south turning around after 5 hours.
Mt Buggery for lunch
The out and back walk wasnt exactly the short straw as it was superb walking in probably the most spectacular part of Victorian Alps. Total distance was 12km and elevation gain 1140m over 10 hours so a pretty full on day walk.
Descending a gully on Mt Speculation
Some of the steep hillsides were covered in this beautiful Crowea exalata
Friday rain was anticipated starting late arvo so we packed up and then went for another walk up Mt Speculation in balmy conditions although a wind up. We drove back to the lake uneventfully, went for a walk to the falls we dubbed Pussy falls (sadly) and were amazed to get a strong mobile phone signal only 10 mins walk from the lake
Pussy falls Wabonga plateau
The rain came and we had an early evening - a relocation of a tent was required however. Sat was another warm and sunny one so went to find the real Dandongadale falls and were not disappointed
Wabonga plateau escarpment
It wasnt until 2pm that we commenced walking to Mt Cobbler - badged as 2 hour 4km we found it to be 9.4km return with nearly 600m of elevation gain.
approaching dandongadale river below mt cobbler
Track marking approaching the Dandongadale river was very poor - storm damage was evident but nevertheless it appeared to have happened quite some time ago. It was pretty obvious ParksVic were otherwise engaged and had their hands full with the bushfires this summer.
Mt Cobbler

Driving back through the King Valley we did our bit to support the economy with visits to the brewery and a cafe. What a wonderful 5 days adventure - definitely needing to putting this on as a club event this year.
Crowea exalata covered mountain

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Photos on Flickr: Camp Creek Mt Speculation and Lake and Mt Cobbler