Location: Kosciuszko NT Park
Event Name:Hannels Spur
Leader Trevor Potts
Start Date: 03/03/2022 12:00
Finish Date:06/03/2022 15:00
Member Participants: 7
Guest Participants: 0
Distance/Time: 23km.2.5 days
Rating:Grade 5 - Challenging long walks for experienced bushwalkers with specialised skills
Points of Interest: the lot
Mobile phone reception: sometimes
Event Report: Hannels Spur, 15.5. km from Geehi Flat to Mount Kosciuszko.Elevation 1800m.
From there approx. 7 km to the top of the chairlift.
We spent the night before the walk at Doctor Forbes Hut.

7 am start, to tackle the first 6.5km to Moiras Flat.
We arrived there in 6 hours at an average speed of 1.2 km/hr
Lots of obstacles to climb over and under, very steep at times, with a big pack sometimes a bit difficult.
Moiras Flat would fit about 10 tents, no shade .

There was a trickling creek nearby. We decided to cart water up to Byatts camp. 2 km and almost 2 hours later we arrived there, stunning view, but zillions of ants. We managed to squeeze the 7 of us in. There is another area a short way down the track for 3 more tents. From up there we could enjoy a nice sunset and a stunning sunrise, this would not have been if we stayed on Moiras Flat.

All the hard extremely steep uphill slog is done.
The next day we discovered another creek along the track, a view hundred meters along the way. At Wilkinsons creek we had morning tea and filled up with cold fresh mountain creek water. Due to the incoming bad weather the decision was made to go on to Seamans Hut for the night.
From Wilkinson creek to the top of the chairlift would probably take about 3 hours. So, it's possible to do the walk in 2 days. The Track is well marked and visible. After Byatts camp one follows rock cairns, which are sometimes a bit hard to spot.


GPX Data by Neil R Brown here
Photos on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/murrayvalleybushwalkers/albums/72177720297292612