Location: Clear Creek Chiltern Mt Pilot NP
Event Name: Clear Creek Falls and Lookout, 8km Grade 3 daywalk
Leader Mick Webster
Start Date: 11/12/2022 09:00
Finish Date:11/12/2022 17:00
Member Participants: 4
Guest Participants: 0
Distance/Time: 8km 4 hours
Rating:Grade 3 - Track may have short steep hill sections, a rough surface and many steps
Points of Interest: Attractive riparian environment, native grasses and other flora - views from the couch and superb falls and pools
Mobile phone reception: Good reception for the whole walk
Event Report: Report below written by Jennifer Geer

Check out the photos and commentary by Jenny here
4 walkers hiked into this little-known but spectacular part of Chiltern Mt Pilot National Park....Clear Creek runs from the plateau between Chiltern and Eldorado, over a series of nice waterfalls and out onto the plains at Byawatha.
clear creek falls vicinity (4)
Ably led by Mick Webster with his trusty GPS we started with an “adventurous” drive to the start point. 😳 We then pushed our way on through varied stunning landscape, granite rocks and carpets of wildflowers on “goat tracks” or mostly making our own track. A couple of successful geocache finds, learnt about the invasive wheel cactus and (Mick) removed a few, wonderful views, impressive waterfalls and in good company we finished the day at the Eldorado park indulging in ice-creams!
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