Location: The Twins is south of Mt Hotham
Event Name:The Twins Overnight Pack Carry
Leader Mick Webster
Start Date: 14/01/2023 09:30
Finish Date:15/03/2023 16:00
Member Participants: 7
Guest Participants: 1
Distance/Time: 16km
Rating:Grade 3 - Track may have short steep hill sections, a rough surface and many steps
Points of Interest: Commanding vista from the summit of th Twins, camping in isolated location
Mobile phone reception: Nil to poor at campsite quite good on the summit
Event Report: We met about 10km out of Bright on the Sat morning and proceeded to Mt St Bernard where we left the cars and saddled up the packs. The first location was the site of the old St Bernards Hospice which operated between 1860s servicing miners and cattlemen and 1039 when it was destroyed in the Black Friday bushfires
The Twins walk jan7-8 (5)
We then walked up and past the Wangaratta Ski Club lodge on the AAWT
The Twins walk jan7-8 (6)
and continued downhill for quite some distance before we found a water source and filled up. Campsite was chosen with water in mind and luckily as it turned out we didnt continue on to where a tank has been installed by Parks Vic - turned out to be totally empty. This section of the aAWT is known as the Dry Barries as there is an extensive section with no available water. After setting up tents and a hammock we opted to climb to the summit of the Twins without packs. Although only about 1km from the campsite it was a very strenuous clime due to very steep terrain.
The Twins walk jan7-8 (8)
Photos on Flickr: Click here for Twins photos on Flickr