Location: Kosciuszko National Park
Leader Iris Joss
Start Date: 06.03.2016
Finish Date:06.03.2016
Participants: 7 members 4 guest
Distance/Time: approx 21 km 8 hours
Rating: Grade 4
Points of Interest: The Hut
Mobile phone reception: no
Report Author: Iris
Event Report:

7 Members, 4 Guests and 2 from the Tumut club had all an early start.

A little after 08.00 in pleasant  temperature the (bakers dozen) put there heads down for the climb up the hill.


On top we had a rewarding break some food and a chat.


From there the track is undulating and meanders through beautiful tall trees and the snakey plain with glimpses across the valley and over to Mt Jagungal.
The Hut did not disappoint the ones who came for the first time, and definitely not those who go up every year. It is just the most beautiful spot with views to the other side of the valley and Mt.Jagungal and so quiet.


Although we have had no rain for over 5 weeks, the river and all the creeks where running, thoroughly amazing.
Sadly 1 hour is never enough time to spent there.
The river was fast flowing but only ankle deep this made the crossing easy. For a change the water was not so cold.


By the time we crossed the river the temperature got a bit warmish, but nothing like what is was down in the lowlands.
A short break at Patons Hut before tackling the last 2.7 km to the cars and a well earned cuppa.


This  last section of the track is mostly shaded by tall fabulous looking trees.
To get the best out of this most enjoyable walk would be to stay over night at Wheeler's Hut.
Google Earth Track: 56dcfc53c43e0--tooma dam vicinity.kmz
Photos on Flickr: Click here for photo album of this event