Location: Kosciuszko, Dead Horse Gap
Leader Iris Joss
Start Date: 25.03.2016
Finish Date:25.03.2016
Participants: 4
Distance/Time: 18k, 6,1/2 Hours
Rating: Grade 3
Points of Interest: The Hut
Mobile phone reception: ?
Report Author: Iris
Event Report:


Cascades Hut trail is an easy walk, always gently up to Bobs Ridge where we sheltered from the cold wind behind a boulder.




From there it is downhill, at the river is a foot bridge, and a little more up and then down to the Hut.


No Brumby's at the Hut  this time. The Hut sits on a grassy flat place dotted with Trees. There is a dunny and a track down to the river. 






We enjoyed our gourmet lunch complete with Swiss chocolate.
The 1 hour break passed far too soon and we were on the way back to the cars (3 1/4 hour).


Google Earth Track:
Photos on Flickr: Click here for photo album of this event