Location: Kosciuszko, Dead Horse Gap
Leader Iris Joss
Start Date: 27.03.2016
Finish Date:27.03.2016
Participants: 5 members 1 visitor
Distance/Time: aprox 11km/ 6.5 hour
Rating: Grade 3
Points of Interest: the lot
Mobile phone reception: yes
Report Author: Iris
Event Report:



We had a cold start at 08.30.The heavy fog up at the dead horse gap track gave the surrounding an eery look.


Soon the blue sky greeted us a little past the half way point. The track meanders up the hill through snow gum's, nice to see that there a lot of regrowth. 


At the bottom it is steep, once passed the gum's it levels out.

Twice we stopped for snack's and enjoyed the stunning view. DSC00724 Then for coffee at eagles nest restaurant and on to the chairlift for a pleasant ride down.
I felt sorry for the many tourist/hikers who thought to ride up and walk down was the best way. We met them on top and again on the river walk. The downhill walk is a lot harder then walking uphill, most looked knackered and had sore knees. We of course had no such problems, 
Lunch was enjoyed by the river, and the walk back to the cars on dead horse gap was a breeze
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