Location: Manjar Trail/ Black Jack Trail -off Cabramurra Rd
Leader Barbara Williams
Start Date: 07.05.2016
Finish Date:07.05.2016
Participants: 4 people
Distance/Time: 18kms
Rating: Grade 3
Points of Interest: Excellent views from Mt Black Jack and the beatiful bush in the Kosiousko National Park
Mobile phone reception: Mobile phone cover at the top of Mt Black Jack and some spots along the trail
Report Author: Barbara Williams
Event Report:

 We enjoyed warm and sunny weather for our walk to Mt Black Jack.  4 MVB wallkers, Jan, Tony, Lee, and Barb left the gate at Manjar Track at 8.30am and followed the gently undulating track through the Kosiousko National Park.  There were plenty of Black Cockatoos screeching at us and lots of evidence of wild Brumbies along the way. Tall trees and snow plains, some creeks and even a few royal grevilleas still flowering.

manjar track (6)

We reached the Black Jack Fire Tower at the top of Mt Black Jack at 11.30am After a pleasant walk, We all  had a relaxing lunch taking in the views. We could see at least two rows of mountain ranges in some directions, and the views were all around us. Cabramurra was visible in the distance.  

manjar track (5)

On our  return walk we could see cloud cover coming across the skies and were glad we were not walking the next day. Tony said there was a wet sunday coming and it would be raining by midnight.

Total distance 18kms. approx 500m elevation gain and loss

Back to the car by 2.30pm in time for a cuppa.

manjar track (12)

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