Location: Koetong
Leader Iris Joss
Start Date: 02.07.2016
Finish Date:02.07.2016
Participants: 2
Distance/Time: approx 17km
Rating: Grade 3
Points of Interest: the bush
Mobile phone reception: no
Report Author: Iris
Event Report:

One canine and his 2 human friends enjoyed a great walk .


A bit of drizzle, sunshine, lot's of lyrebird's were singing, one of them ran across the track, Black cockatoos gliding through the sky, it can't get any better than this!.
Started walking at 9 am,turned right at Cravensville road to walk along the pines. At the end of the pines we turned left up the hill and down for a stretch along Cravensville road. Then right in to Emperor track, further along we turned left up and up the Brutal track


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