Location: Falls Creek, Windy Corner
Leader Tony Marsh
Start Date: 16.07.2016
Finish Date:16.07.2016
Participants: 8 - 5 skiers and 3 snow shoers
Distance/Time: 10km / 4 hours
Rating: Other Event Type
Points of Interest: Brilliant sunshine, perfect snow and wonderful companions
Mobile phone reception: Yes for the whole event
Report Author: Tony Marsh
Event Report:

This event had everything going for it as mentioned already so it just had to be a magnificent day. For three experienced skiers getting the muscles and the equipment working together was the main issue - and the two beginners Bella and Ross took to it like ducks to water.

Ross in the tracksWe skied and snowshoed out to Watchbed Creek at a leisurely pace and had lunch and a good rest

Skiers and snowshoers at Watchbed Creek

Skiers and snowshoers at Watchbed Creek

What a great day to kick off the snow events season with Murray Valley Bushwalkers!

MVB art in the snow by Prue

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