Location: Chiltern Mt Pilot NP
Leader Mick Webster
Start Date: 17.07.2016
Finish Date:17.07.2016
Participants: 7 members and 3 visitors
Distance/Time: 7km over 5 hours
Rating: Grade 3
Points of Interest: Canyon, Cave, Large flat rock with awesome 360 views
Mobile phone reception: YES Provider specific
Report Author: The Phantom
Event Report:

Sunday started off with perfect weather -we gathered at Wooragee Hall and after a short drive on Wardens Road, a car shuffle and off we went. Heading off through semi dense scrub towards a large rock outcrop with 360 degree views and a great spot for morning tea and a geocache to find called "The Wilderness" After extensive rock searching by Peter, Mick came to the rescue.
Cave canyon and clearing walk
From here we went down a steep sloped open forest across a road and headed off through very wet saturated ground to the canyon which had very dense undergrowth but this didnt stop a few of the party from scrambling down for a closer look.
Cave canyon and clearing walk

From here we followed the canyon for a bit crossed over at a shallow point and headed up a ridge to a very large clearing again with splendid views. Another cache was searched for and found successfully by Peter.
Cave canyon and clearing walk
After a short break we headed down towards the start of a gully which we followed up to the cars. This gully had a large eagle nest, flowing water, small falls and a cave making for a very picturesque walk.

base camp walking route

Google Earth Track: 578d91163c957--7_17_2016 9_37_55 AM.gpx
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