Location: Falls Creek
Leader Tony Marsh
Start Date: 13.08.2016
Finish Date:13.08.2016
Participants: 4 members and 1 guest
Distance/Time: Various 1km to 5km
Points of Interest: Variety of weather and scenery with snow in the trees and fast snow
Mobile phone reception: Yes for the whole event
Report Author: Tony Marsh
Event Report:

A group of 5 ventured to Falls Creek - some overnight snow meant chains were required for 2wd vehicles.

Aitkens trail on Mckay road

We arrived in time for the Ski de Femme event and 3 participants learnt lots of new skills and then participated in a race choosing a 1, 2.5 or 5km course. T

Nordic Bowl Falls Creek Ski de Femme

Tony and Heather skied out to Sun Valley to get some km under their belt for the Hoppet. The weather remained cloudy with various degrees of fogginess but there was no rain or snow.

The nordic bowl at Falls Creek

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