Murray Valley Bushwalkers Inc

Welcome to 2017 with MVB Inc - this is our 6th year and the club is stronger than ever. In the context of an overall decline in membership and participation rates with bushwalking clubs across the nation I think we can hold our heads high. Our membership continues to increase and the program we offer has become richer and more diverse. I really think this is largely to do with the focus on inclusive activities - there is something in this club for everyone no matter what your age, fitness level, gender or ethnicity. The days of bushwalking clubs being primarily driven by hairy chested peak bagging testosterone driven gungh ho behemoths are over!  

With MVB its all about the journey, the people you are with, the smells, sights and sounds - the leisurely morning tea and posing for photographs. Ok we do make it to mountain summits from time to time but if you dont want to go there thats fine by us. The program we offer is a very dynamic beast as events are often created, reviewed and published at relatively short notice. This is one of the huge advantages of operating in an electronic environment and something we are increasingly leveraging to everyones advantage.

If you are new to the club welcome aboard and dont hesitate to take the plunge - and relax - our leaders are highly experienced and the events they put up are well researched and documented. We have an excellent safety record and we really want to keep it that way.

As a member of MVB whether you walk, canoe, cycle, snow shoe, ski, socialise or just sit we guarantee you will feel its great to be alive!   

Some Recent Club Highlights

The club has been astonishingly busy over the last two months - I think its important to list whats been happening if for no other reason than to acknowledge the amazing contribution that our event leaders make to the clubs operations - our leaders are gold they are also human and love nothing more than to receive a big thank you at the end of the event. There have been 19 club events in the last 6 weeks!

Ive included sample photos when they are available and linked to event reports where appropriate. 

This year we welcome a couple of new event leaders Di Ross and David Findlay

Becoming a leader is the next step - be brave and go for it! Talk to the club secretary Peter Presutti today.

 1. Dec 17 Mt Buffalo Best of the Big Walk - event report here

Taking a break at the chalet car park
2. Dec 18 MVB Xmas Party at Baranduda for those that missed Bundalong
3. Dec 20 Noreuil Circuit grade 1 morning walk - led by Hans
4. Dec 22 After work canoe #11 Kris Kringle at Noreuil Park
Kris Kringle
5. Dec 27 Twins grade 3 day walk - led by Mick Webster
6. Dec 27-30 Cesjacks Hut Snowy Mountains - led by David Findlay - base camp event report by Tony Marsh here and backpack event report by Sharon Roberts here
Cesjack Hut delights
7. Jan 1 Nail Can half day walk led by Hans
8. Jan 3 Padman Park half day walk led by Hans
9. Jan 5 After work paddle led by Michelle and Cheryl
10. Jan 7 to Jan 13 Howitt Plains car camp led by Jill Hancock - event report here
bryces gorge panorama Medium
11. Jan 8 The Huts Day Walk Mt Hotham led by Tony Marsh - event report here
Victorian christmas bush on the Golden Point spur
12. Jan 10 Lemkes bridge half day walk led by Hans
13. Jan 12 After work paddle led by Michelle and Cheryl

14. Jan 14 Parlour Creek day paddle led by Tony Crawford

Paddlers at Memorial Park Howlong

15. Jan 17 -19 Main Range Traverse Snowy Mountains backpack - event report here

Camp beside a waterfall
15. Jan 17 Wonga Wetlands half day walk led by Hans
17. Jan 19 After work paddle led by Michelle and Cheryl
18. Jan 24 Mungabareena half day walk led by Hans
19. Jan 31 Lake Hume half day walk led by Hans

2017 Club Calendars

This was quite a successful fund raiser for the club - we still have about 15 left so if anyone has a need for more calendars or who has a bright idea with what we can do with the left overs we would love to hear from you. A few people who have paid may not have one in their possession yet and a few others still owe money - please get in touch!

Murray Valley Bushwalkers Facebook Group 

We currently have 121 in our Facebook Group - its a great way to keep up to date with whats going on and have any queries answered - access our site here and request to join

If you are a Facebook group member only consider joining the club as well!

Club Membership

Welcome to New Members Audra Kunciunis Alison Dallinger, Claire Bartlett, June Guy, Maree Wesley Mark and Kathleen Whithers, Marlissa van Heerwaarden, Naomi Seymour, Ros Revell, Steve Hall, Wendy Davis

Financial Membership Total as at  Feb 1 2017 is 118 - 79 female and 39 male

If you are currently unfinancial and would like to renew your membership (or join from scratch) and need help get in touch with Jan on 0428 334193 or Tony on 0417687842 or email - note if you are unfinancial you can renew at any time of the year and will always get 12 months membership from the date of payment. 

Event Reports

Seven new reports have been posted since the last bulletin - check them out here 

  Murray Valley Bushwalkers Upcoming Events

Click on an image to go to an event for more details and hit the Join button to register your interest with the leader