Murray Valley Bushwalkers News and Events Update April 11 2017
Hi all
The optimists amongst us have already pronounced 2017 is going to be a great snow season - 20cm in April its gotta be right? Well lets just see what eventuates - but seriously the Mt Hotham road was closed yesterday morning (April 10) - I cannot recall an April road closure before. But the dramatic weather was accurately forecast - no wonder the 11 members walking the Bon Accord spur last Saturday had a spring in their step! They definitely didnt want to be caught out. Snow enthusiasts do not despair when you scan our program. We are the masters of just in time event programming - snowshoeing and skiing events will materialise pretty much the same time that the real snow and not this pretend stuff does!
Recent Club Events

March 3-5 Mt.Burrowa/Black Mountain with Car Camp at Hinces Saddle - leader Barb Williams - check out the event report


March 2-9 Bournda National Park Base Camp - leader Jeff McKimm - check out the event report

Pebble beach on Kangarutha walking track

March 9 After Work Canoeing leader Michelle Crofts

March 11 Mt Bogong Conquestathon Grade 4 Backpack - leader Peter Presutti - check out the event report

Base Camp with a bit of luxury

March 14 Wandering around Jackson's Point half day walk - leader Hans Kaspers

March 16 After Work canoeing - leader Michelle Crofts

March 17 Weekend Camping and Canoeing Upper Murray - Grade 3 - Leader Tony Marsh - check out the event report

Happy hour

March 17-19 Cesjacks Hut to Mt Jagungal Overnight backpack - leader Trevor Potts - check out the event report


March 23 After Work Canoeing leader Michelle Crofts

March 24 Barbecue and social evening: movies, slide shows and table tennis - leader Hans Kaspers

March 30 Paddle and Pizza leader Michelle Crofts - check out the event report

Dave Breedon - the canoe guy - at the helm

April 1-2 Mt Buffalo Car camp leader Di Ross - check out the event report

Lake Catani circuit walk

April 4 Bethanga bay wanderings half day walk - leader Hans Kaspers

April 8 Bon Accord spur day walk - leader Hans Kaspers - check out the event report

Walk completion at Hotham road

April 11 Budginigi Hill - half day walk leader Hans Kaspers


Financial Membership Total as at  March 1 2017 is 117 - 77 female and 40 male

If you are currently unfinancial and would like to renew your membership (or join from scratch) and need help get in touch with Jan on 0428 334193 or Tony on 0417687842 or email - note if you are unfinancial you can renew at any time of the year and will always get 12 months membership from the date of payment. 

New Event Reports

There are 8 new event reports since the last bulletin - access these reports by clicking on the link below

Committee Meetings 2016-17

Two have been held on 23rd Oct 2016 and 24 Feb 2017 and another two more are scheduled before the next AGM on the 9th May & 11th July

If you have any items that you think the committee should address please message Pete at

The minutes of all Committee meetings are available on the website - click the link below to access minutes 


Murray Valley Bushwalkers Events

What follows below is a snapshot of our events program as at April 11 2017 - our program is dynamic and subject to change at short notice. Please follow the links to browse and/or or join in for an event. Note that clicking on a link will cause a new browser tab to open - close it to return to this message.
The link below will always take you to the most up to date event listing.
 Note 1 Re Easter Car Camp - there are still two vacancies in Daffodil Lodge from Easter Sunday to the following Wednesday
 Murray Valley Bushwalkers Facebook Group 

We currently have 133 in our Facebook Group - its a great way to keep up to date with whats going on and have any queries answered - access our site here and request to join

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Committee position holders and contact details


Tony Marsh and Peter Presutti