Murray Valley Bushwalkers News and Events Update June 5 2017
Hi all
The website is sporting a new look and feel! A new formatting template has been applied and a lot of gremlins have been corrected - but maybe not all - please bring things like failed links and error messages to my attention when you discover them and I will do my best to sort them out. I would particularly love to hear about the experiences of people using mobile devices such as phones and tablets.  
So with one week to go before the official start of the 2017 ski season there appears to be lots of reasons to be optimistic and our snow event leaders have jumped on board and posted a whole lot of events. We have worked hard in previous seasons to provide options for people with little or no experience to give snow sports a go. And this year will be no different. Cost is a factor that may deter people but we do our best to keep the cost to a minimum by sharing transport and snowshoe/ski costs where appropriate.
We are only a month away from the 6th anniversary of the club - there is heaps to reflect on but importantly going forward an AGM and new committee to put in place. We are proud of what we have achieved since starting this club from scratch in July 2011 - but its way more fun to get excited about the next new challenging event coming up.  
Some Entries from the Favorite Tree competition held by Kiewa Landcare a few years ago - thanks to Belinda Pearce for permission to reprint - have you got a favorite tree? Email me a photo and description for inclusion on the website or in a bulletin.
favourite tree entry running creek

Our favourite tree is situated behind our house. In July the white faced herons returned to renovate their nest from last year where they raised two children. Their children from other years have also returned to build their own nest, last year their nest was blown from the tree, but they stayed around to help their parents raise their younger siblings.
In October the rainbow bee-eaters arrive on mass into our tree, they then head out in small family groups to find their burrows from previous years.
Other birds that can be found in our tree throughout the year include Crimson Rosellas, King Parrots, Magpies, along with many of the grass finches including red browed fire tails.

favourite tree entry the lonely tree

My favourite tree is ‘The Lonely Tree’. We call it ‘The Lonely Tree’ because it is the ONLY native tree left in a young pine plantation on the hills near Yackandandah. From where I live, I see it every day going in and out of Yack. I always look for it, it always makes me feel happy, when I get near
home. I have looked at it all my life. One day, Dad took me to find it. It was hard to find but when we did I gave it a big hug. It is very special
to me.

favourite tree entry kurrajong Our Favourite Tree: Kurrajong Brachychiton populneus - you have to see our big tree to love it. It is a green gentle giant loved by us and our livestock. With its wonderful tessellated trunk we have even had our daughter’s wedding photos taken under it. We would love a preservation order on it.
Recent Club Events

April 16 Easter Car Camp Curango Homestead Kosciusko National Park - event report here

April 22 Bittangabee Bay Car Camp - Light to Light Walk Ben Boyd National Park - event report here DSC03818
April 24 Baranduda Grade 2 walk #1 - event report here
Wombat gully
May 1 Baranduda Grade 2 walk #2 - event report here
morning tea break
May 8 Baranduda Grade 2 walk #3 - event report here
Wrens G precinct dam
May 12 Daylesford Car Camp Grade 4 walk - event report here
Walk start at Twin Bridges
May 15 Baranduda Grade 2 walk #4- event report here
May 21 Lockharts Gap to Tallangatta Grade 4 day walk - event report here

May 22 Baranduda Grade 2 walk #5 - event report here

Blue gum

May 23 Huon Hill Exploring Hidden Valley Grade 3 day walk

May 25 Social Evening Banff Movie Festival - facebook comments here 

May 29 Baranduda Grade 2 walk #6 - event report here

Tree lined footpath at Baranduda

June 2 Evening Walk BBQ Chiltern Mt Pilot NP



Don Ingram
Michele Roberts
Michelle Wilkinson
Kurt Joss

Financial Membership Total as at  JUNE 4 2017 is 115 - 75 female and 40 male

If you are currently unfinancial and would like to renew your membership (or join from scratch) and need help get in touch with Jan on 0428 334193 or Tony on 0417687842 or email - note if you are unfinancial you can renew at any time of the year and will always get 12 months membership from the date of payment. 

New Event Reports

There are 11 new event reports since the last bulletin - access these reports by clicking on the link below

Committee Meetings 2016-17

Three have been held on 23rd Oct 2016, 24 Feb 2017 and May 7- one more is scheduled on the 11th July before the next AGM on Friday August 18

If you have any items that you think the committee should address please message Pete at

The minutes of all Committee meetings are available on the website - click the link below to access minutes 


We currently have 144 in our Facebook Group - its a great way to keep up to date with whats going on and have queries answered immediately - access our site here and request to join

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Committee position holders and contact details




Murray Valley Bushwalkers Events

What follows below is a snapshot of our events program as at June 4 2017 - our program is dynamic and subject to change at short notice. Please follow the links to browse and/or or join in for an event. Note that clicking on a link will cause a new browser tab to open - close it to return to this message.
The link below will always take you to the most up to date event listing.

Murray Valley Bushwalkers Events