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Murray Valley Bushwalkers Inc Annual General Meeting #6

Please keep Friday 18th August free for your clubs AGM, 6pm at the Sustainability Activities Centre  (old info centre on the Lincoln Causeway - same place as last year) - the series of links below regarding the AGM require you to be logged in to the website first to access them.  

register here for this event

Nominations are now open for the positions on the committee,  please take the time to consider financial club members for nominated positions, dont forget to ask them first. You need to be logged in to the website to submit a nomination form and to view the progress of nominations received.

Nominations close Friday 11th August 2017, 7pm - you can view the progress of nominations received 

On the night bring a light snack to share for supper after the AGM..

Committee Meeting July 18 2017 Minutes are available here 

Some recent event highlights:

The Sled Dog Classic event at Falls Creek last Friday and Saturday nights

Sled dogs off and away

Iris Demonstrably is in Love With Mt Granya!


MVB Flickr Photos Usage Guides

Our Flickr repository is vast - approaching 12,000 photos over 6 years - but its an under utilised resource. In a series of short Youtube movies Ive tried to de-mystify the usage of photos in events, articles, reports and newsletters. For further assistance contact Tony greencomputing@gmail.com

1. Introduction and Embedding photos in articles https://youtu.be/cUvA5yXm8xs 

2. Event Creation Embedding Flickr Photos https://youtu.be/skRho2H-w6Y

3. Embedding photos in Event Reports on the Fly https://youtu.be/pN-X1xdrF-Q 

4. Event Reports Retrospectively Embedding Flickr Photos https://youtu.be/9llqnH6yGxY
*******CLUB CALENDAR 2018*********

We really need to get some more feedback from people before we decide whether to embark on another calendar - please complete and submit this form - a no Im not interested is just as useful as a yes I am!  THERE IS MORE INFO AVAILABLE HERE


There are new event reports for your enjoyment since the last bulletin

Consider easing the burden on our leaders by offering to write an event report for your next club event - just login and access THE SUBMIT REPORT FORM

If something is too hard just leave it blank!


Monday is a full moon,  join us for a BBQ at MT Pilot picnic area before heading to the summit for moon gazinG

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