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Murray Valley Bushwalkers Inc Annual General Meeting #6

Hi all

The purpose of this message is to remind you of the upcoming AGM Friday 18th August, 6pm at the Sustainability Activities Centre  (old info centre on the Lincoln Causeway - same place as last year) - the series of links below regarding the AGM require you to be logged in to the website first to access them.  

please Register here To Let Us Know You Are Coming (login required)

Nominations have closed and you can view the nominations received (login required)

As you will see there is no need to be afraid of getting press ganged into a position on the commitee! 

On the night bring a light snack to share for supper after the AGM..

The Club's Emergency Beacons - Spot

The committee has been reviewing the cost and usage of the two MVB Spot II devices : Annual Registration for our Spot devices has recently increased to $245:

Spot I registration has been paid for another year expiry  July 2018 and Spot II is due for registration renewal early September 2017.

It has been decided that we replace one Spot ( Spot II ) for a ResqLink PLB,  $349 from Adventure Gear Albury (just $105 more than the re-registration fee for Spot 2)

There is no annual registration fees with the PLB just a once off purchase - this decision would result in a saving to the Club of $980 over the next 4 years.

Upon phoning Spot we were offered an annual discounted registration fee of $115 US

We would like to offer to re-register the Spot II at this price and offer the exclusive personal use of it for 12 months to any club member willing to pay $115 USD 

After 12 months . Renegotiating would have to be done - please email Peter Presutti vk2cim@gmail.com .to register your interest.

If multiple people are interested we will draw a name out of a hat!

Get Well Wishes from the Club

Current President Hans Kaspers is recovering well in hospital from recent surgery. Im sure everyone wishes him a speedy recovery.

Some recent event highlights

Monday Aug 14 Morning Walk at Baranduda

Views over Baranduda

 This Prehistoric Monster Like Machine

grooms the snow for cross country skiers - we are seriously spoilt at Falls Creek - arguably one of the greatest xc locations in the world because of the heaps of gently undulating terrain.

The monster xctrail grooming machine

Please Login First Message

If you follow a link in bulletins or articles on the website and get dropped onto the home page instead scroll down a bit and see if get this message displayed.

All you need to do then is scroll down a bit further and you will find the Member login - enter your username and password (and get it remembered by the browser you are using)

You will then get dropped into the page or article you were trying to access - if instead you get the scary message in red (see below) it simply means the resource you are trying to access is restricted to be viewed only by club Leaders or Administrators. The reason for that is some content has private information (names, addresses, phone numbers etc) and we dont want to give the public access to that private info.

Problems with Logging In or Resource Access ??? - contact Tony for help greencomputing@gmail.com 

please login first

error access deniedCLUB CALENDAR 2018

We really need to get some more feedback from people before we decide whether to embark on another calendar - please complete and submit this form - a no Im not interested is just as useful as a yes I am!  THERE IS MORE INFO AVAILABLE HERE


There are new event reports for your enjoyment since the last bulletin

Consider easing the burden on our leaders by offering to write an event report for your next club event - just login and access THE SUBMIT REPORT FORM

If something is too hard just leave it blank!

MVB Membership 

Welcome to two new members this week - Julie Hibbert and Pam Duncan - membership stands at 118 as at August 15

If you want to check when your next subscription payment is due simply login to the website and you will be shown your subscription status.

Guide To Flickr Photo Usage is Now Accessible On the Website


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