Murray Valley Bushwalkers News Update

Get Well Wishes From the Club  

Founding President Hans Kaspers after a lengthy spell in hospital has just announced he is going home - we all look forward to seeing Hans enjoy Nail Can Hill again in the near future!

Canoe Season 2017-18

As our well seasoned members have come to expect, another exciting and extended canoeing program has been programmed. We go into the 7th canoeing season with MVB with a huge bank of accumulated experience to draw upon. However we are always looking for new leaders to share the responsibility so the same people arent carrying the responsibility of running the show week in and week out. This year we are going to have a leader and co-leader for every event. If you would be happy to experience canoe program as a co-leader and be mentored during the event by an experienced leader we would love to hear from you. Safety remains our number 1 consideration - this is emphasised prior to each event so please bear with us. You put up with it on overseas plane travel and they have not intention of getting anywhere near water!  

Club Calendar 2018

Please support the club by purchasing one or more 2018 Calendars. This is a substantial annual fund raiser as well as promoting the club. It will be available early to mid November - the new club logo designed by Mark Withers is featured on the cover page as is our canoe guy Dave Breedon looking resplendent on the last paddle in March 2017. We have ordered 60 this is a high quality A3 size product great for Christmas presents a bargain @$20

click here or the click the photo below for ordering info - you can pay online, electronic funds transfer or cash 

Welcome to new members 

Oliver Lamond, Sally Twycross, Joyce Ma, Gaye Maxwell, Roz Patterson family of 4, Saliya Gurusinghe family of 2 - Total Membership 126

If you want to check when your next subscription payment is due simply login to the website and go to the Members, My MVB Details and you will be shown your subscription status.

Having problems logging in? please contact Tony Marsh 0417687842

Murray Valley Bushwalkers Facebook Group

We currently have 153 in our Facebook Public Group - its a great way to keep up to date with whats going on and have any queries answered - feel free to access our site here and request to join the group


The 2017-18 Committee held their first meeting (of four) on October 17 and you can check out the minutes here

The committee has reviewed the cost and usage of the two MVB Spot II devices and the second Spot device has been replaced by a RESQLINK PLB,  

The second spot will continue to be available on club events if required - contact Tony Marsh for more info.

Website CHanges

  1. The website is always in need of improvement - the most recent change involved the login and event booking processes. After login you should now be dropped into the Program of Upcoming Events making it easier to start the booking procedure.
  2. Also as a consequence of a decision at the last committee meeting a new category of membership - Free for First Event - has been created and is applicable to people who are new to the club
  3. To get to your membership profile now just choose Members, My MVB Details from the main menu
  4. Changes are often rolled out before exhaustive testing so if you find a glitch please let Tony know.


There are new event reports for your enjoyment since the last bulletin

Consider easing the burden on our leaders by offering to write an event report for your next club event - just login and access THE SUBMIT REPORT FORM

This system has been in place for 6 years now - it works best when event photographs are uploaded to the clubs Flickr site as its very easy to embed these photos in reports.

Photos uploaded to Facebook are great for immediate feedback to everyone about the event but they are low resolution so have limitations - if anyone knows of a way to easily and reliably embed photos from Facebook into club event reports I would like to hear from you!

Murray Valley Bushwalkers Program of Events