MVB News #136 November 2 2018

Greetings to all MVB fellow members,

Its been almost 8 months since our last newsletter - we cant be accused of flooding your email inbox! Our website and Facebook group of course are the main sources of information for our members and we find email is a very inefficient way of communicating these days. Bring on a mobile phone app!
Latest News

It is with great excitement that The MVB Committee has advised Bushwalking Victoria that our club would like to host the Federation walks in 2021

Bushwalking Victoria was originally established as the Federation of Victorian Walking Clubs at a meeting held on 15 May 1934. At that meeting the first of the six aims of the new organisation was: "Unite all Victorian Walking Clubs for the protection and advancement of mutual interests, to promote the pastime of tour walking (as bushwalking was then known) and encourage good fellowship among affiliated bodies."

In the interests of fostering good fellowship among the eight inaugural member clubs, the first Federation Walk was organised by the Melbourne Amateur Walking and Touring Club and held on 6 October 1935. Unfortunately we don't know the location of that first walk, however the tradition of a member club or clubs organising either a day or weekend event, or occasionally both, was created.

The club is seeking committee members for this event, while this does require effort and dedication, Bushwalking Victoria; previous organising clubs are willing and able to provide advice along with the support and assistance from Wodonga Council.

For Enquiries about joining the committee please contact club president

Dianne Ross

The MVB Inc committee had their second meeting for the 2018-19 year on October 31 - check out the minutes here

We have assisted in the preparation of a funding submission by Bushwalking Australia in a program called Move It Aus-Better Ageing Grant aimed at increasing exercise engagement in 65+ age group

What have we been up to?

Well since July 1 2018 to Nov 1 2018 we have had 60 events offering a wide range of activities including half day walks (19), day walks (9), snowshoeing/skiing (13) social (6) cycling (3) and canoeing (2) etc
These events have been run by 15 different leaders with a total participation in those 60 events of 387 members!
Lots of wonderful photos have been posted on our MVB facebook group LINK HERE - there are 226 people who are in the group - its a great way to keep in touch

And there are heaps of new event reports which you access from the News menu item on the MVB website. LINK HERE

Tony Crawford's Tuesday morning walks have been really popular - there have been 17 Tuesday morning walks since July 1.

We take our responsibilities for safety and security of our members very seriously.The canoeing leaders have met twice - firstly to review safety guidelines that are followed and to plan a program on Oct 20 and also on Oct 30 for a refresher on capsize avoidance strategies and of course recovery procedures was held at Mungabareena South hosted by Dave Breedon of Murray River Canoe hire

There are heaps of great events coming up in 2018-19- keep looking at our web site for more details

Who can name the location of the above photo??

Peter and Tony