WREN Walk1@Baranduda

WREN Walk1@Baranduda

From June 18, 2016 8:00 pm until June 18, 2016 10:30 pm

At Margaret Court Drive Baranduda

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Wodonga Retained Environment Network Walk #1

In the context of urban development The WREN is a wonderful asset designed to preserve our precious biodiversity. This is the first of a series of walks to explore, understand and embrace the natural heritage of Baranduda.

We will meet at the end of Margaret Court Drive at 10am and walk north down Avalon Road and then west through the revegetated corridor to blocks G2 and G3. The Albury Wodonga Development Corporation were the primary instigators of identifying, fencing and enhancing existing wildlife corridors between the range and Middle Creek and the Kiewa river. Baranduda Landcare, Parklands Albury Wodonga and Wodonga Council have been instrumental in promoting the revegetation and enhancement for wildlife.

Update June 15 - Baranduda Landcare have been monitoring a rare plant in the range since its re-discovery in 2009 - seed has been collected and propagated by the Herbarium who have returned 146 seedlings to us just this week - Baranduda Landcare volunteers will plant and guard some seedlings on Sunday.

Swainsona sericea - Baranduda Regional Park

After plenty of exploration and bird watching we will walk south and enter the Baranduda Bushlands and return east along the fence line back to the start of the walk.

Some very moderate elevation gain required but walking will be pretty easy - total distance about 4.5km 

Bring binoculars, camera and your favorite bird book. This corridor  has remant and forward planting vegetation that provides habitat for a range of threatened bird species.

Flame Robin photo by Neville Bartlett

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Scarlet Robin (female)


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