Affiliation and Insurance for Murray Valley Bushwalkers Inc

The Murray Valley Bushwalkers has obtained Incorporation status from the NSW Fair Trade Commission and is now affiliated with Bushwalking NSW Inc. Members and guests are now covered under the Bushwalking Australia personal accident and public liability insurance cover.

The main benefit of incorporation is that it provides limited liability to its members. All members of unincorporated bodies face the possibility of being sued as individuals and having unlimited personal liability. Creation of a separate legal entity through incorporation usually prevents this happening provided the committee operates in accordance with acceptable business and community standards


Affiliation with Bushwalking NSW


Bushwalking NSW provide insurance cover for its affiliated clubs for both public liability and personal accident. These policies national policies are brokered by the national bushwalking body, Bushwalking Australia Inc


Affiliation Fee 2017-2018


This fee is a charge per club member per annum, currently:-

Metropolitan Club    $5.50 per member

Country Club            $5.00 per member

Maximum affiliation fee payable by any club is currently $2,255.00.

Bushwalking NSW year is the financial year.


Insurance Costs 2017-2018

Insurance costs are set by the insurance company. The fees per club member per annum are currently:-

Public Liability                                  $4.02 per member

Personal Accident                           $5.48 per member


Total Cost to Murray Valley Bushwalkers for affiliation, personal accident and public liability insurance is $14.50 per member

Policy Details

Details of the current policies can be found by following the links below

Bushwalking Australia policies - information page here


    There are three insurance policies the club has to cover members, guests and the committee. 

    Policy 1 - Personal Accident - full details here

    Policy 2 - Public liability - full details here

    Policy 3 - Association liability - full details here

    Members should be aware of the limitations of the PA insurance with respect to ambulance cover - see this newsletter and they are strongly advised to take out their own ambulance cover

    Also the Club is required to pay the first $1,000 per person per claim for a PUBLIC LIABILITY CLAIM ie where the club or club member is sued.