Murray Valley Bushwalkers Honour Roll


The committee and members of the club acknowledge the following members for the financial contribution they have made over and above membership fees to help establish the club in 2011. The club was formed on July 7th and with no facilities or resources available to us the focus has been on establishing the committee, getting this website up and running, submitting an application for Incorporated status with the NSW Dept of Fair Trading and finally to become an affiliated club with Bushwalking NSW.


To achieve these milestones and to purchase some essential safety equipment the club has required a one off injection of funds. To this end we have created the concept of Founding Memberships that have the dual purpose of recognising those members who have been prepared to make a voluntary contribution of $50 and at the same time acquiring the capacity to pay for the submission of legal documents and the gaining of the required status.


If you would like to be part of the "Founding Members of the Murray ValleyBushwalkers Inc " group you can go to the membership fees article on the website and proceed to complete a paypal, credit card or electronic funds transfer of $50 and the appropriate membership fee to have your name added to this list.



Founding Members Date Joined
Rowena Smith July 7 2011
Trish Madden July 7 2011
Troy Gabriel July 7 2011
Sasho Dillow July 11 2011
David Gordon July 12 2011
Mandy Evans  July 12 2011
Hans Kaspers July 18, 2011
Neal Gunn July 18, 2011
Sally Williams July 24,2011
Peter Presutti July 29, 2011
Tony Marsh August 19, 2011
Ian Wood Sept 14, 2011
Carole Atkinson Feb 28, 2012
Belinda Pearce March 5, 2012
Jan Douglas June 25, 2012
Claire Sandford July 4, 2012
Tracey Barkley Aug 20, 2012