unravelling the mysteries OF THE mvb website

Thanks for dropping by! Feel free to browse and enjoy. Use the Contact Us link for any feedback or enquiries.

If you are new to the club and wanting to participate you will need to register first to establish a username and password

Click here to register and participate in one of our events for free!

Existing members can recover their usernames and passwords for logging in to the website - thats best done by messaging the website manager Tony - email admin@mvb.org.au or you could use the Contact Us link 

We know that managing yet another username and password is a TOTAL PAIN

BUT...there are many advantages to a login system for club members - here are a few

1. You need to login to manage your membership subscription - the club really appreciates your money!

2. You need to login to book in for an event - that way the leader knows who you are!

3. Logging in allows you to keep your email phone and  emergency contact details up to date - and this saves the leaders time when it comes to organising events!

4. Logging in supports and strengthens the clubs risk management policy - so we know who to contact if you get injured or lost!

5. Once logged in you can review your history of event participation and book in to new events - it can be fun looking back through your history with the club!

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