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1.0      Purpose

This policy is intended to protect the interests of MVB Inc and it’s members by defining the requirements expected in the use of social media.
Social media offers the opportunity for people to gather in online communities of shared interest and create, share or consume content. MVB Inc  recognises the benefits of social media as an important tool of engagement and enrichment for its members.
Along with those benefits are associated risks to the reputation of the MVB Inc and its members and individuals who might interact with the club through social media channels.

2.0      Definition of Social Media

 Social media Includes, but is not limited to, the generation or sharing of content by an individual. It can Include (but is not limited to) such activities as:
  • Maintaining a profile page on websites (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc);
  • Content sharing Include Flickr (photo sharing) and YouTube (video sharing);
  • Commenting on blogs;
  • Leaving product or service reviews on websites;
  • Taking part in online votes and polls;
  • Taking part in conversations on public and private web forums (message boards);
  • Editing a Wikipedia or other editable page.

It is important that MVB Inc's reputation is not tarnished by anyone using social media tools inappropriately, particularly in relation to any content that might reference the club.

3.0             Intent of the Policy

The intent of this policy is to Include anything posted online where information is shared that might affect participants in the committee of management or club members

Who does it apply to?
This policy applies to all MVB Inc members or any individual representing themselves or passing themselves off as being a member of MVB Inc.

When someone clearly identifies their association with MVB Inc, and/or discusses their involvement in the MVB Inc in areas defined as social media, they are expected to behave and express themselves appropriately, and in ways that are consistent with MVB Inc stated values and policies (see Policy menu item at

Where does it apply?

This policy covers all forms of social media.

This policy aims to provide some guiding principles to follow when using social media. Note that this policy does not apply to the personal use of social media platforms by MVB Inc members.

4.0             Guiding PrInciples

The web is not anonymous. MVB Inc members and staff should assume that everything they write can be traced back to them.

Due to the unique nature of sporting groups such as MVB Inc, the boundaries between a member’s profession, volunteer time and social life can often be blurred. It is therefore essential that members make a clear distinction between what they do in a professional or private capacity and what they do, think or say in their capacity as a volunteer for the MVB Inc.

The club considers all members are its representatives.

Honesty is always the best policy, especially online. It is important that MVB Inc members think of the web as a permanent record of online actions and opinions.


5.0             Usage

For MVB Inc members and staff using social media, such use:

  • Must not contain, or link to, libelous, defamatory or harassing content. This also applies to the use of illustrations or nicknames;
  • Must not comment on, or publish, information that is confidential or in any way sensitive to MVB Inc and
  • Must not bring the MVB Inc or the sport into disrepute.
  • Opinions shared are those of the individual, and do not represent or reflect the views of MVB Inc

6.0             Consideration towards others when using social networking sites

Social networking sites allow photographs, videos and comments to be shared with thousands of other users. MVB Inc members and staff must recognise that it may not be appropriate to share photographs, videos and comments in this way.

MVB Inc members or staff should be considerate to others in such circumstance and should not post information when they have been asked not to or consent has not been sought and given. They must also remove information about another person if that person asks them to do so.

Under no circumstance should offensive comments be made about MVB Inc members or staff online.

7.0             Breach of Policy

The club continually monitors online activity in relation to the MVB Inc and its members. Detected breaches of this policy may result in disciplinary action from the committee which may involve a verbal or written warning or in serious cases, termination of your membership of the club.

8.0             Consultation or Advice

This policy has been developed to provide guidance for MVB Inc members and staff in a new area of social interaction. To seek further clarification of this policy contact the MVB Inc’s secretary or president – contact details are on the Club Leadership page of the website.

October 13 2019 – for discussion and possible implementation at next committee meeting

July 21 2020 - ratified as club policy on July 21 2020