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Our calendars would make great gifts for a family member or friend and help to promote our club

Paypal / Credit Card Options for Calendar Purchase

Use the Quantity Required drop down below to select the number of calendars for purchase - click the Buy Now button to be taken to the Paypal website - you can pay through this option using your credit card if you dont have a Paypal account. Revisit this page if you wish to purchase more than 3 calendars.

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Calendar Theme: Places We Love

Each Month Has a Different Place / Event Type

Format: A3 dimensions 297 x 420 mm bound - one page per month with one large and two small images relevant to the theme for that month

Payment Methods

Paypal/Credit Card

You can use Paypal to pay with either your Paypal account or Credit Card - this is our preferred option - please note you will need to do the calendar purchase and the postage purchase (padded bag plus Australia Post charge) as separate Paypal/Credit Card transactions

Electronic Funds Transfer

You can also pay by electronic funds transfer - you will need to work out the correct amount payable for the number of calendars and postage required and transfer that amount to the club's Hume bank account and then return here - to complete and submit a notification so we know what you have done

Account Details for Murray Valley Bushwalkers
BSB 640000
Account Number 588713
Account Name Murray Valley Bushwalkers Inc
Note if you are transferring funds from your Hume Bank account to the club Hume Bank account you need to select Internal Transfer and append the characters S16 to the account number which now becomes 588713S16


Using Club Photos from various events throughout the history of MVB - stored on the cliub Flickr account - we have embarked on producing a 2017 Calendar

If the first edition is successful we wish to make this is an annual fundraiser event for the club

The cost will be $20.00 per calendar and as only a limited number will be printed you are encouraged to pre-purchase so you dont miss out!

Pickup, Hand Delivered or Posted?

We will do everything possible to get the calendars to you without incurring postage costs - personal delivery to you, pickup at club events eg thursday evening canoeing, weekend walks etc and hand deliver where feasible, or you come to us and collect but......if you need postage

Postage Options Available if Required

If required however the calendar(s) can be posted in a padded bag with a maximum of 3 calendars per bag - the cost of postage including padded bag is itemised below - these are standard Australia post charges

1 calendar countrywide includes padded bag $9.70
2 to 3 calendards in same bag in Victoria $14
2 to 3 calendards in same bag countrywide $17

Paypal / Credit Card Options for Calendar Postage

Postage Options

You will receive an email and/or phone call when printed calendars are ready to be picked up or be mailed

The images above and below are low resolution photos of the front age and the October month - each month has a large photo and two small photos

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