About Blogtrottr

Blogtrottr is an opt in  subscription based automated notification service - in our case notifications of new events - that is once its installed on a website people have to actively subscribe to it to receive the email notifications that it generates when new events are published
blogtrottr this is the mvb feed
And as such a subscriber can easily unsubscribe as well so you no longer get the new event notifications
Go to the Program, Upcoming Events on the website and you will see three icons (highlighted in yellow in the image below) in top right corner
Explore these three - you will find you can find out what you subscribed to 
Then you can pause or delete your subscription in either case you will get no more email updates about new events until such time as you re-enable or set it up again

blogtrottr mvb rss controls



blogtrottr mvb new events subscription service

blogtrottr unsubscribe link