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 Overland Track

Australia’s premier alpine walk.


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Safety alert: Walker registration and COVID safety
Applies from 8/7/2020

​​​Walkers and campers need to register to undertake multi-day walks on the Overland Track​,​ and at Frenchmans Cap, Arm River, Pine Valley, Scott-Kilvert Hut, Waterfall Valley tent platform, Farmhouse Creek Track and the​ Walls of Jerusalem.  

For the complete list of walks with registration in place see the Overnight walker registration​​ page. Alternatively, go to each walk page to register. 

Some locations have huts which are open with limited capacity. For further information on keeping yourself and others safe, see the COVID-19 safety information​ page.​

Last reviewed 21/11/2021 11:03 AM

Planned event: Cradle Mountain - Dove Lake road closures
Applies from 30/11/2021, until 3/12/2021

​​Road closures will occur daily on the Cradle Mountain Road between the PWS Ranger Station and Dove Lake between 5pm - 11pm from Tuesday 30th November to Friday 3rd December for critical maintenance works.

 The Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre and shuttle bus service will operate from 8am to 5pm on these days to assist visitors with park access. Please check the amended shuttle bus timetable for departure times.

 Private vehicle access is not permitted from 8am to 11pm whilst shuttle bus operations and road works are in place.

 If planning an activity in the park, it is important to factor in these times for park access. Please contact the Cradle Mt Visitor Centre for further information on 6492 1110.

 Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service apologises for any inconvenience.​​

Last reviewed 26/11/2021 11:04 AM

Planned event: Dove Lake car park and shuttle bus service
Applies from 14/5/2020

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​During the construction of the Viewing Shelter from April 2020 to Summer 2021, private vehicles will not have access beyond the Ronny Creek car park at any time of day. 

The shuttle bus service will continue to operate throughout the construction period. Private vehicle access between the visitor centre, Ronny Creek and Dove Lake (along Dove Lake Road) is not permitted during shuttle bus operating times. ​

See COVID-19 safety information​ for shuttle bus requirements. For an update on the works and access see Dove Lake Frequently Asked Questions.

Last reviewed 21/11/2021 10:59 AM

6 days one way, 65km one way
Grade 4: Bushwalking experience recommended. Tracks may be long, rough and very steep. Directional signage may be limited.

COVID-19: Check the safety page for important COVID-19 Safety Information on personal measures to take. Overnight walker registration, bookings and walker numbers affect this park location.

WARNING: The Overland Track is a serious undertaking, for well–prepared walkers, with a good level of fitness and who understand the risks of walking in a remote alpine area. The track is not recommended for children under 8 years. Weather can change rapidly and deaths have occurred, even in summer, when people have been caught underprepared in cold, wet and windy weather.

WATCH: This safety video (English subtitles) will help you understand the dangers of being cold and how to be prepared. (Safety video​ with Chinese subtitles)​.

A valid parks pass is required for entry to Tasmania's national parks.

​Overland Track Pass Fees apply from 1 October 2021 - 31 May 2022 inclusive.

  • Adults - $200
  • Children (17 years and under) - $160
  • Concession​ - $160

​SUMMER : 1 October 2021 to 31 May 2022 (inclusive) 

​Everyone planning to go on the Overland Track is required to book online, in advance (including payment) - at least 24 hours prior to your departure date. The starting point is Cradle Mountain and you will move from north to finish in the south (Lake St Clair). A current National Parks Pass is required. 

Constructions works are planned for Windermere and Kia Ora huts sites throughout the 2021/22 summer season.  See the Upgrade of facilities on the Overland Track for frequently asked questions.

For more information to assist you in your booking, please see our Booking information page.

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Once you start walking, the next road and commercial centre you will come to at the end of the track, six days later. You will need to carry your own equipment and food for the entire journey.
You can board the Shuttle Bus outside the Visitor Centre and travel to the departure point at Ronny Creek. Make sure you sign in at the Walker Registration booth at Ronny Creek.


​​​The Ov​erland Track is Australia's premier alpine walk. This exhilarating and life-changing journey attracts walkers from across the globe. Beginning at the iconic Cradle Mountain and ending at Australia’s deepest lake – Lake St Clair, this 65 kilometre, six-day trek takes you through the heart of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, part of the magnificent Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

Your journey will be physically demanding, emotionally challenging and scenically spectacular. This is a landscape of glacially carved valleys, ancient rainforests, fragrant eucalypt forests, golden buttongrass moorlands and beautiful alpine meadows. Optional side-trips take you to cascading waterfalls and mountain summits, including Tasmania’s highest peak, Mount Ossa (1617 m).

The Overland Track is about you and your time in the wilderness, so while six days is the average time taken to walk the track, you can create your own pace depending on how many rest days or side-trips you wish to enjoy.

Most walkers finish their journey at Narcissus Hut at the head of Lake St Clair where they board a small privately run ferry (prior booking required) to reach the Lake St Clair Visitor Centre at Cynthia Bay. Or you might choose to walk the 17.5 km length of the lake through rainforest to the visitor centre, extending your journey by a day. 

Almost half of the track is above 1000 metres in elevation on exposed plateaus in a remote area. Thorough preparation and good gear is essential. 

It’s no wonder the Overland Track has secured its reputation as one of the world’s great wilderness bushwalks. 

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