Lake Catani, snow camp and grade 3 hike

From July 09, 2022 3:00 pm until August 09, 2022 9:00 am
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Saturday - 3pm am Start/Meeting Point - Eurobin Crnic Area, Tables, toilets and fireplaces are provided at Eurobin Creek Picnic Area

Please park cars at entrance/ gate closed at main entrance to Lake Catani

Access is via a 1km walk/ski off the main road along the Lake Catani Rd or a 2km walk/ski from the Gorge Visitor Area along the Gorge/Lake Catani track. No vehicle access is available. The sites are situated around the stone hut. Fires may be lit only in the fireplaces within the picnic shelter and fuel stoves are recommended. Campground amenities are closed during winter, there is a pit toilet located behind the stone hut. Water is available from Lake Catani. No fees apply.

Members need to take or organise with another member the use of their cooking equipment and provide gas canister. (recommend jetboil alpine gas can)  Please ensure you have the correct winter gear for snow camping 

Mobile Phone Coverage - Some areas


Stone Mess Hall

There is a Mess Hall contains several tables and benches and two fireplaces.

There is no electrical lighting in the Mess Hall and there are no power points. There is an open fire place at each end of the hall.

Pit toilet is situated behind mess building

MANDATORY GEAR: Conditions in Alpine Country can change quickly. The following gear MUST be carried.  Shell jacket & pants both must be waterproof & not downhill ski type jackets or pants.  Beanie, balaclava  or Buff, neck warmer or scarf, Waterproof ski Gloves, mid layer jacket or vest, Space Blanket, water purification tablets, Whistle and 2L of fluid,  We also would like you to have a phone with you at all times and ensure it is charged and has credit and personal first aid kit. 4 season tent, mat, sleeping bag suitable for Alpine conditions, thermals, toilet paper, spare pair of socks, hand sanitiser, hat, sunscreen, lip balm, spare batteries, headlight.