Mt Buller 22km, grade 4, backpacking

From February 04, 2023 7:30 am until February 05, 2023 4:00 pm
Posted by Dianne Ross
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 Distance – 22km

Grade – 4

Saturday - 7.30am meet at toilet block opposite coffee merchant Mansfield 

start at Mirimbah Picnic Ground. Walk via Delaite River to Howqua Hut 14km

Overnight at Howqua hut

Sunday - Howqua hut via Corn Track to Summit of Mt Buller

 Distance: 14km one way
Trail Type: Intermediate
Start: Mirimbah Park Picnic area

 Highlight features: 12 log bridge river crossings on shared bike trail. Check water levels and recent weather conditions and avoid taking the walk should river levels be high

 Corn hill Track to Mt Buller from Howqua Hut

Distance: 4km one way
Trail Type: Intermediate
Highlight features: A combination of 4WD tracks and fire breaks, with steep climbs, loose rocks and boulders.

    • Corn Hill track from Howqua Gap, with steep rocky sections, or:
    • Via Corn Hill Road which is longer and shared with cars, but flatter

Summit walk

Distance: 4.1km return
Trail Type: Easy
Start + Finish points: Clock Tower or Arlberg Hotel

 This beautiful walk leads to the Mt Buller summit, an accessible loop circuit includes northern and southside views with interpretive panels and information along the way. The steep side trip up to the Summit fire hut (1805m) is worth it for incredible views, or enjoy a rest on the deck at Koflers before returning to the village


2 cars required, 1 to arrange drop of at Mt Buller

 Facilities - Tank, Pot Belly Heater,Toilet,

Be prepared with:

Overnight camp

Mandatory Gear for overnight camping- Season 3-4 tent, sleeping bag please have the correct comfort zone rating for winter conditions, mat for Alpine conditions, Food, cooking gear


Walkers must be self-sufficient with

food, water, first aid and camping gear,


Due to COVID-19 health requirements, members must provide their own sanitizers, gloves, wipes, masks, etc.  If car pooling is required please make sure masks are worn. Please be aware of current NSW/Vic border restrictions.

Mandatory gear - for Alpine hiking – head light, thermal top, sun hat, beanie, gloves, map, space blanket, personal first aid, water purification tablets, whistle

Mobile phone (reception in some areas)
High wind days may result in falling trees.