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Wonnangatta Station 4x4 Trip Weekend

From November 24, 2017 1:45 pm until November 26, 2017 6:00 pm
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0402 405352
Calendar Event
Last updated 24/10/2017
Booking update:   5 - 4WD Vehicles with no spare seat available at this stage.
We now have one space available for a 4WD due to a cancellation. Please contact the leader above if you
wish to join the group.

Please Note:
For members that don't own a Four Wheel Drive and want to participate, please contact the leader before

you book in on this event. Not all Four Wheel Drives will have the room to take extra passengers especially
if they are carrying camping gear and other equipment.

mvb 4WD campfires Camping Toilet Geocaching Hiking Nightwalk Torch Swimming Nodogs

4WDing, Camping 2 nights on the Wonnangatta River and short walks to historical sites. Or you can chill out
and enjoy the surroundings and take it easy.
IMG 0088

Meeting at the Bandiana Army Picture Theater, Anzac Parade on Friday the 24th November at 1.45PM and returning Sunday around 6.00pm. .

Heading to Wonnangatta Station via Myrtleford and venturing onto 4x4 trails which will not be suitable for soft roaders like Subaru’s, Xtrails etc, higher clearance vehicles with low range 4x4 required.

The trip will be limited to 6 (six) four wheel drive vehicles only.
*** Anyone that can take an extra passenger or two let me know. It would be great to share the experience with other members who don't have the vehicle to do the trip.

- Drive time approx 4 hours to Wonnangatta Station
- Distance 334Km return to Wodonga
- Not suitable for camper trailers
- 4WD rating offroad, Grade * Medium
4WD Medium Grade Icon
* Mainly High range 4WD but Low range required. Some 4WD experience recommended.

Tracks with some steep and/or rocky/slippery/sandy sections. May have shallow water crossings.
Suitable for medium clearance vehicles with dual range and all terrain or road tyres.
Will be more difficult in wet conditions

Click to download profile

vehicle must carry:
- Basic 4x4 Recovery Gear. Minimum - Snatch Strap and 2 bow shackles.

- Tool Kit - Basic tools for your vehicle, spanners, socket set etc. 
- Fire Extinguisher.
- UHF CB or UHF CB hand held Radio.
- Everyone, to carry their personal I.C.E information Download here
  Click here for more information

- There is no Mobile Phone reception in this area.
- UHF CB is required for vehicle to vehicle communications on the MVB club channel 27 for the trip.
Click here to learn more about UHF CB radio.

- I will have HF Radio equipment and GPS Spot for Emergencies. GPS Live Tracking will be running
live. A link will be placed on this page closer to departure for all those who are interested.

There will be a GPX file uploaded for those who wish to install the route into their GPS closer to the date of departure.

- Air Compressor
- Tyre Pressure Gauge (Will be reducing tyre pressures on the 4x4 trails)
- First Aid Kit
- Battery Jumper Leads


** Be aware that the weather can deteriorate suddenly and without warning, and snow can fall at any time of year.

Parks Victoria PDF Download
YouTube Clip on tyre pressure
4WD Terrain Grading Chart Download
Don't have a recovery snatch strap. Compare before you buy

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Mark on 0402405352 or via email


The Wonnangatta Station was a cattle station located in a remote valley of the Victorian Alps in 1860 to the 1920’s.

The station was established in the 1860s by Oliver Smith, a North American who came across the valley while prospecting for gold. Smith’s family, wife Ellen and her son Harry joined him and a homestead was built near the junction of the Wonnangatta River and Conglomerate Creek.

The nearest population centres were the goldfield towns of Talbotville, about 40 km away, Grant and Dargo to the south-east, and the larger town of Mansfield, about 130 km away over the Great Dividing Range.DSCF7399

Some time later Ellen died in childbirth and soon after Smith sold out to William Bryce before eventually returning to the United States.

The Bryce family then occupied the station while Ellen’s son Harry Smith moved down the valley and established himself at Eaglevale. The Bryce family remained a presence at Wonnangatta until Mrs Bryce died in 1914 at the age of 78. Ten Bryce children were brought up at Wonnangatta. As the children grew up they moved away and after Mrs Bryce’s death the property was sold to Mansfield owners in 1916, who installed a manager to run the station.

The station and surrounding area are the site of the still-unsolved Wonnangatta murders which occurred in late 1917 and 1918.

IMG 0084

The Wonnangatta Station homestead was accidentally burnt down by bushwalkers in 1957.

Some stockyards and the old cemetery, which has been restored to something resembling its original form, survive.

Today the area is part of the Alpine National Park, and is only accessible by Four-wheel drive, dirt bike, horse or on foot. The station remains a popular offroad destination and has numerous facilities for campers, including septic toilets and concrete fire pits.


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