The Big Walk Mt Buffalo Grade 4 Day Walk

From October 15, 2017 8:00 am until October 15, 2017 5:00 pm
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The Big Walk

Date – Sunday 15 October

Time – 8am, Eurobin Creek Picnic Area

Grade 4

The big walk is the longest walk in the Mt Buffalo NP. It begins at the bottom of the plateau at the park entrance and climbs all the way to the historic Mt Buffalo Chalet and day visitor area. 

The Big Walk begins at Eurobin Creek picnic area, just inside the national park, and initially heads away from Buffalo. Across a swing bridge over pebbly Eurobin Creek, we step up into eucalypt forest.

The first 2km are the steepest but the well-formed track allows steady progress.

Criss-crossing the road and continuing uphill, those 2.9km take us through massed handsome flat pea bushes (yellow flowers and heart-shaped leaves), hickory wattles (distinctively veined leaves) and tree ferns, and they also give us through-tree views of the valley, the sometimes snow-capped Alps and a waterfall splashing down Buffalo’s granite flank.

The Big Walk heads south-east below Mackey’s Lookout and traverses a great granite slide decorated with lichen rosettes and moss. Facing the granite, we can now see the summit, suddenly within reach; backs to Buffalo we overlook the first of many views that still our feet.

A zigzag crazy-paved path that can run with water like a stream takes us onward and upward to a seasonal waterfall forming rock pools.

Above Marriott’s Lookout, from which we watch geology performing a balancing act with monumental granite wall and boulders and scarlet robins darting from tree to tree, we enter the realm of snow gums and disconcertingly beautiful skeletal mountain gums burnt in bushfires. Fording creeks and wetlands on stepping stones and boardwalks and traversing more granite, we get increasingly stunning views, with Mt Bogong, Victoria’s highest peak, showing itself on clear days.

A massive boulder guards the track junction where we are turning right to follow the Gorge Heritage Walk.

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The waterfalls at the Gorge